Safari Rose wedding for Caitlin and Jimmy

By Monique

Caitlin and Jimmy were married in South Lake Tahoe at Regan Beach and had their reception aboard the Safari Rose yacht. It was a bit windy, but the sky was so clear, and the lake seemed extra blue that day. The Safari Rose toured Emerald Bay for dinner and continued back out of the bay north along the Rubicon Wall, where the boat got so close to the rocks, the guests could reach out and touch the granite. The boat then headed back to the Keys as the sun was setting, and the full moon rose over the Carson Range. The boat docked and we went out into a nearby meadow for a few full moon shots to end the evening.

Guests take in the sights as the boat enters Emerald Bay Emerald Bay


An Osprey flies to its nest near Emerald Bay. We saw several Osprey nests along the shores near Emerald Bay.

Jimmy’s parents share a moment during sunset on the forward deck.

A full moon rises above the Carson Range behind South Lake Tahoe.

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  • JulieJune 29, 2012 - 10:00 am

    Wow! I am sending this to my photographer friend, runner-up for National Photographer of the Year and part of Pulitzer-prize winning team. He will be in awe of her angles and the polish of many shots.
    Also, love the shot of Mike and his mom Marilyn (Jimmy’s aunt and cousin). I can image Diane, mother of the groom, is elated she’s married off her final child ;-). Seriously, Monique captured the fun and deep friendship Caity and Jimmy obviously share.
    Congrats again!!
    Julie, Mike & Will Estlick