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by Scott and Monique


Monique and I recently had the pleasure of photographing Tamara and Scott’s wedding at the classic 20 Mile House near Graeagle in the Sierra mountains north of Truckee, CA. I always have liked this venue. It is a historic lodge and train stop along the Yuba River pretty much in the middle of nowhere. There is the vintage general store, which serves as the backdrop for the cocktail hour, the brick buildings with lots of big mirrors and dark wood where the bride can get ready, and a nice grassy area surrounding a dance floor covered with twinkle lights for the evening’s entertainment.  But that wasn’t the best part about this particular wedding we shot there. The best part was the bride and groom. When we meet way back when in Truckee, I knew we were going to be a good match when Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica somehow came up in the first few minutes of our conversation. These guys make their living in the Merchant Marine, spending 6 months or more a year traveling the world on large ships, often separated, and live in a tricked out Airstream trailer when they are back home. They were a pleasure to work with, surrounded by loving friends and family and I never laughed so hard as I did during her dad’s toast. Thank goodness for auto focus!

Tamara and Scott are our kind of people. Among the gags brought out during the speeches were Marvin the Martian, Star Trek shirts (including jokes about the red shirts) and a baby mobile with spaceships and miniature beer bottles among other things.

Tamara and Scott work on the high seas most of the year, so this tricked out Airstream is their home when on dry land.

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    One Fine Day Events - Great job capturing the emotions in this wedding!!

By Monique

Kate and Harry had an intimate wedding ceremony in Quincy with their immediate families at the end of June, and then hosted a DIY backyard wedding reception a few weeks later back here in Reno. I have known Kate for about 10 years, since she was still in high school! We also met at that yoga studio I was telling you about where I met all my closest friends here in Reno (see previous post). It was such an honor to be there during their small ceremony, and I actually got to participate as well, I brought a special piece of vintage lace for the hand binding ceremony, that was a really special moment for me. The day of the ceremony was an adventure in itself, there was a huge rainstorm in the mountains above Quincy at the first location that they wanted to do the ceremony. So we ended up at a different, but equally scenic, river front location away from the wind and the rain. Kate and Harry met over 8 years ago working together at the Deux Grox Nez, so they had their friends Lyndsey, who they worked with there, and DGN owner Tim perform their wedding ceremony. After a few family portraits, we all enjoyed a picnic dinner and cake. As the light started to really fade in the sky we were all packing up and it started to sprinkle again, just a few light rain drops, nothing like the down pour from earlier in the day. So before we left, I did a few night shots of Kate and Harry in the rain.

Fast forward a few weeks in to July to the reception, held in Kate’s parents’ backyard. One of the best parts about 2 wedding events is the bride gets to wear 2 dresses!  It was an amazing party, with so many details that she had been working on over the past year: Hand made sparkly gold flags strung all around the yard, gold dipped flower vases, even the wooden forks on the dessert tables were dipped in gold glitter. Kate describes the theme of the reception as, “a modern backyard party with lots of handmade details, bright pops of color and plenty of gold glitter.” There were several more personal touches that really added to their reception photo session too: Harry’s 1963 Datsun pickup, a tandem 1956 Schwinn Twinn that Harry pretty much rebuilt from pieces and parts, and a huge white balloon, with gold glitter streamers of course. Guests enjoyed a taco bar from Dish, and the signature cocktail was a blackberry ginger margarita, yum! The dessert bar, or should I say 3 tables of home made desserts made by Kate’s friends, was one of the all time best dessert bars I have ever seen at a wedding, and I have seen hundreds! DJ Mojo Jojo kept the vinyl spinning into the night, and vidoegrapher Mike Henderson from Arborglyph did a great job too.

I could go on and on too about how awesome Kate is, for example, she is the best baker ever! ( She made her delicious carrot wedding cake, and the salted caramel macaroons for the reception.) If you get a chance, check out her blog, Color it Lovely, she shares some of her super yummy recipes, and her writing style really gives you a peek into her sassy wit!

The first location at Silver Lake was just too stormy to do the ceremony.

The perfect ceremony spot: one of Harry’s child hood swimming holes near Quincy.

Kate’s wedding day check list. She had several friends help set up the entire house and yard.

By Monique

When I was not able to photograph Jen and Taylor’s wedding last December, I really wanted to do a special Trash the Dress session for her, and I knew she would be the perfect bride for my “Lady in the Lake” inspired session that I had been wanting to do for a while. Jen is one of my first friend’s that I met when I moved to Reno. We met at a yoga studio over 10 years ago, and, in fact, that yoga studio was the place I met all of my closest friends here. Jen even helped me complete my yoga teacher 200 hour RYT program about 7 years ago. I am very grateful for our friendship, and we often refer to each other as fairy sisters …. after all, deep down I have a hippy spirit from growing up in the Santa Cruz Mountains, and our free spirited energy has kept us connected all these years.

We set out for Lake Tahoe on a Sunday evening in late June and stopped for a few images at Zephyr Cove. I love the color of Jen’s wedding dress, and it matched the aqua blue of the lake perfectly. I had her scrambling from rock to rock, and I asked her if she would be up for a few wedding dress yoga poses. ( I wish all of my brides could get in to a yoga pose in their dress for me!)

Then it was off to a place near south Lake Tahoe for the Lady in the Lake images. Scott and I had been scouting several locations a few weeks before, trying to find the perfect place … I needed to have lily pads, and a lot of them. Several spots we found had some boggy grassy reeds, until we finally took the drive up to Lily Lake. Of course, Lily Lake would have a ton of beautiful lily pads with their yellow flowers blooming by the dozens! By the time Jen and I got to Lily Lake, it was around 7:30 p.m. or so. I had warned Jen about the super squishy, sinkable muck that she would have to walk in to get in position among the lily pads, but I had not thought about the mosquitos! (Scott and I had visited the lake mid day and were not bothered by them at all) Jen and I were both getting eaten alive, and after about 30 minutes of shooting, we each had dozens of bites. She had a particularly large whopper of a bite right in the middle of her forehead … I photoshopped that one out! Despite the mosquitos, we had a great time, and thanks to Jen’s willingness to sink into the mucky earth and deal with the bugs, I got some amazing Lady in the Lake images! Thanks Jen, XOXO!

Ardha Chandrasana, Half Moon pose

Natarajasana, Dancer pose

I gave Jen a long stick to help her balance to get in and out of position. There were a few moments when her feet sunk down so deep in to the soft mud that she had to wiggle back up to the surface.


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    Nicole Shearer - Simply stunning!

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    Dotty molt - These are absolutely beautiful !!! And so are the two of you!

by Scott,

Monique and I both shot the wedding of this wonderful couple at Plumpjacks resort in Squaw Valley just a few weeks ago. They wanted to do a fun, more urban style trash the dress shoot the day following the wedding, as they had small children and couldn’t really get away for long on the wedding day itself.  Those of you familiar with our work know that most people come to Tahoe to get pictures in the natural beauty and environment surrounding the lake. However, I had always wanted to do some shooting in the old abandoned train tunnels up near ASI.  We used to build jumps up there in winter all the time and it seemed like a really cool place, but I never had a good reason to….until now.  When I popped the idea on Rebecca as we were discussing various ideas for their shoot, she immediately said, that’s it, let’s do it!  So after a few shots in Truckee looking for some backlit fields and train tracks, I brought them up to the train tunnels to do some exploring. We really had to race the light, as by the time we got there, we had about 10 minutes of direct sunlight before it went behind the mountains. But we had fun and were able to make some unique pictures to augment their wedding-day coverage.

By Monique

Pamela and Danny were married at PlumpJack Squaw Valley Inn, with the ceremony on the patio, cocktails poolside, and the reception in the conference rooms. Pamela is originally from Brazil and Danny is from San Francisco, where they live currently. It was great to see both sides of the family coming together and sharing the day with a lot of love, laughs, and tears of joy.

A Brazilian wedding tradition: write the names of the single bridesmaids on a piece of tape and attach the tape to the wedding dress hem – brings good luck for the ladies

Cotton Candy signature drink

Another Brazilian tradition, a pearl was placed in each guests toasting glass as a gift from the bride and groom

Pamela is an opera singer, and her cousin, also an opera singer, surprised her with a song at the end of the toasts

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