A word about our shooting styles

We have been shooting professionally for over 20 years. While we both can do pretty much anything behind the camera, it is only natural that an artist develops a certain style over time. We often get asked,  "What is the difference between the two of you?" The short answer is not much! We are both pros and we can both do whatever is asked of us. That said, we each gravitate to a certain feel. When you hire both of us for your wedding photography, you not only get two fully competent pros, each of whom could shoot your wedding on their own with ease, you also get two visions of your day. We hope this post and the more detailed explanation below helps to introduce you to the slight differences in the way we see the world!

About our Wedding Photography Styles

By Monique

Let me start out by saying that we simply love photographing Lake Tahoe weddings using our backgrounds as photojournalists to tell the stories of each unique couple on their wedding day. (Head on over to our individual bio pages to get the details about our photojournalism careers before we became wedding photographers.) Because Scott and I both come from the news industry, we like to describe each of our overall styles as documentary wedding photojournalism. But within that, we each have our own personal styles. The wedding day itself is usually a fast paced whirl wind that starts with the getting ready candids and ends with the dance floor or grand exit, and we each have a different way we see and document the day as it unfolds.

Because we offer packages that come with either one of us as individuals or both of us together as a team, we thought this blog page would help you understand our different styles and hopefully help you decide which package is right for you.

So lets start with me. I love soft, romantic light … the term most used these days for this style is natural light. But I don’t market myself as a natural light photographer because I am fully capable of and willing to use artificial lighting when it is needed, mostly during the reception  and sunset portraits. I don’t like the idea of limiting myself by calling myself a natural light photographer because a true professional needs to be able to utilize other light sources besides backlighting and window light! But I am admittedly drawn to the romantic feel of portraits that have a light and airy look to them, as well as that sun washed look during a golden sunset. Even during the getting ready candids, I tend to create images that use the bright natural light that a room has to offer. You really wont find me reaching for the off camera flash to back light a squirt of hair spray while the bride is having her hair done.

And then there is Scott! He really likes to use dramatic, moody lighting and funky or graphic angles. And when he can, he likes to shoot through things, whether it is a sage bush, fence or bridge, to create unique framing in his images. In general, when he is doing indoor portraits, he likes dark backgrounds and angular lighting. He really is a master at utilizing the off camera lighting to create the moody images he sees in his head from what appears to be a normal every day room or outdoor setting.

I think our usage of light and framing is probably the area we differ the most when comparing our styles. I almost like to consider it a difference of feminine and masculine perspective. I’d say my feminine perspective helps me create a classic, romantic feel to my imagery, but without the stuffiness of traditional posed portraits because I do love movement and also those nice quiet moments as well. Scott’s masculine portrait style almost makes people stop and really think about the composition and lighting and often results in that WOW, edgy, sexy factor.

In a way, the image examples we have chosen to include here portray an extreme difference of each of our styles … So please remember that I am not always shooting with backlight, and getting the sun washed look, while Scott is not capturing the whole wedding day with dark, moody angular imagery. As I said before, to be a well rounded professional, each of us is capable of employing many different lighting techniques, lenses and angles to best capture the day and people involved in each situation we encounter. Head on over to our regular blog posts and website galleries to see more story telling candids, emotional moments, and well rounded wedding day stories.

So that explains a bit about our different styles of photography. Now let me talk about the way we work with you on your wedding day, our personal style. Because we want you to truly experience the day with each other and your family and friends, we really do try to stick to the old photojournalistic adage, “be a fly on the wall.” Other than during the portrait sessions, you really don’t hear a lot from us …. the term these days is “direction,” meaning telling you what to do, telling you to do something over again, or telling you to stop what you are doing and look at the camera. Again, our backgrounds as photojournalists really have given us almost a sixth sense to anticipate and move quickly to be at the right place to capture the genuine moments happening through out the day without interfering with your experience. We each carry two cameras on us at all times which also goes back to the way we worked in the field, being able to quickly access either a longer lens or a wider lens in any given moment without fumbling around to continually change lenses on a single camera. We also each wear a kinda dorky looking waist pack with several other lenses, lighting equipment and batteries, all immediately accessible throughout the day. But hey, it is better than the old school beige PJ vest!

I could easily continue to talk more about style and the way we work, but let’s save more of that for when we talk or meet in person. Let’s get to some examples. The first set of images are mine, and then the next set of images are from Scott, each group beginning with a few getting ready candids, then portraits, and ending with a few reception shots. The last set of images you will see two photos side by side from the same wedding. I think after reading this info page, you will find it easy to tell who did each image!


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Katie and Kevin Edgewood wedding

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Now here is a set of images side by side from weddings we have done together as a team. Can you guess who did which image?






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