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Lake Tahoe panoramic iphoneography

By Monique

Sometimes I get ideas in the middle of the night, and then it is hard to sleep. So last night I had this idea to shoot one or 2 panoramic images at every wedding I do from now on. One of the couple with Tahoe as the backdrop, and a scene setter …. maybe during the ceremony, or one of the reception site … Does this mean I will be bringing a panoramic camera with me to each wedding? Unfortunately, no, because I already carry 2 cameras with me, one on each shoulder, with a dorky waste pack that has more lenses, flashes, batteries, etc, etc. BTW, if you want to see what this looks like (sometimes we get that question from the list of questions to ask your wedding photographer, “what do you wear to the wedding?”), check out the About Monique link at the top of the page. Anyways, so this idea of mine will involve my iPhone! Yes, gasp, I know it sounds a bit lame for a pro to be considering, but when guests are standing next to you at a ceremony taking photos with their iphones and then posting the photos on facebook before the cake has been cut, I figure, why not do a few interesting phone photos myself. People are so used to seeing the square version of phone photos, I just thought, what the heck, try the pano thing for a few. We’ll see how it goes. Don’t worry, I would never decide to turn in my DSLR’s for iphone wedding photography!

Phone pano image made on a stormy day at Lake Tahoe

Another phone image made on the East shores of Lake Tahoe on a calm day when the lake was still.

Phone pano image made on a recent hike near Muir Woods.

I actually made this image with our infrared camera, which is a D300 DSLR, and I cropped it as a pano, but still decided to include it here because I like the look of it as a panoramic image.



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